Project overview

With its clean façade lines, warm color materials, spectacular rows of bay windows, extensively used decorative façade elements, and an impressive entrance lobby, Barkli Residence clearly stands out against glass-and-concrete high-risers. The external comfort is enhanced by comfortable interiors. The inner comfort lies at the heart of Barkli Residence’s concept. Away from noisy highways, gated and fenced, this new residential property is a calm and safe oasis in downtown Moscow, featuring its own walking area and playground. Its spacious classical-style lobby full of light will meet you with a fireplace, soft sofas and other details setting up an inviting ambience. Here you can have a chat with your neighbors or comfortably wait for a taxi over a cup of tea. Façade style and beauty are not the only important things in architecture. Much more important is the apartment’s internal layout. The architects have incorporated customers’ requirements to prime property into this new premium residence. The rooms in Barkli Residence are of regular shape. This is the most efficient solution as it spares the need to handle unexpected acute angles and slopes. Higher ceilings and two-way oriented windows fill the rooms with light and air. The rooms are no more than six meters deep, while ceilings are three meters high at the outside, which carries forward the light and airy aesthetic. Apartments are designed on a functional zoning principle: the sleeping room is located far from the entrance door and the guest area, while the kitchen is separated from the living room. A separate bathroom and wardrobe facilities provide the owners with extra comfort and the necessary privacy in the sleeping room.

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