Stern House

Why do we always want to feel that we own a place once we get in? Over 46 years, Robert Stern, a renowned US architect, has been successfully answering this and other questions by designing premium residential property across the world. Today, his New York firm, Robert A. M. Stern Architects (RAMSA), is designing a project for a cozy life experience at the very heart of a big city by blending inner comfort with gracious lines of a neoclassical building. Barkli Residence is the first project of Robert Stern’s famous architectural firm in Moscow. Their approach consisting in maximum efficiency at the planning stage, for which Robert A. M. Stern Architects are so valued worldwide, and strict requirements of BARKLI Corporation to design and construction quality make Barkli Residence an unprecedented experience for Moscow in terms of apartment cost vs. living comfort. For the convenience of residents, the apartments will feature spacious living rooms and kitchens. The efficient configuration of rooms and functional zoning make them readily adaptable to the day-to-day needs of their owners while sparing them the need for extra repairs or alterations.

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