Exclusive terms for buying premium residential property

Dear customers:

In the runnup to this magical event, the New Year 2014, Barkli Corporation offers all of its customers exclusive terms for buying premium real property in Barkli Park and Barkli Residence.

From November 11 to December 30, 2013, you will be offered special terms for buying apartments in Barkli Residence:

  • Interest-free instalment payments until the completion of construction with a 50% first instalment, or
  • a free-of-charge parking place.

These special terms cover only 14 apartments.

A 14% discount is applicable to all property in Barkli Park from November 11 to December 20, 2013.

For more details on the special terms call +7(495)933-00-00 or visit the sales office.

Working hours from 09:00 a. m. to 09:00 p. m.
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