Safety above all: Security technologies in prime property

The higher the status of a residential property is, the higher the requirements are to residents’ security. Advanced technologies have stepped far beyond the boundaries of conventional video surveillance, access control and perimeter patrolling. Experts from Barkli Corporation have prepared an overview of protection devices that are installed in prime residences today.

Still several years ago, prime property buyers were happy with a fenced territory, video surveillance, armed guards and an access control system. Today, this security services packages is standard for comfort class residential property. The list has been considerably expanded in the prime segment. For example, remote control of the security system of your apartment from any place in the world is now a common thing. Still, the human being remains the “core” of all multi-tier security systems.

“In the prime segment, security level is a critical factor to which customers pay attention when buying an apartment,” says Yekaterina Fonareva, Barkli Corporation’s Commercial Director. “Technologies are constantly advancing and developing, so developers of new prime projects entering the market must keep up-to-date with all leading-edge security trends. For example, apart from the standard package, our residential project Barkli Residence also offers such extra options as security system integration and Smart House technologies.”.

So, what does a security system look today in an advanced prime property?

1. 24/7 security guards

Whatever are advances in security systems, people will still retain the key part in guarding prime residences for years to come. Armed guards from a security firm is a must have for any premium or de luxe project. Property segments differ in the level of the guards’ professional training. As a rule, they are former officers of law enforcement agencies and special forces ready to handle combat missions of any level.

2. Fenced territory

Any fence along the perimeter of a residential property makes the territory “fenced”. However, in the prime segment, this term has a more sophisticated meaning. The fence is equipped with various devices that record attempts to break into the territory: infrared motion sensors and electromagnetic sensors that record vibrations caused by attempts to get over or destroy the fence.

3. Access control

Just recently we were amazed to learn about iris- or finger-print scanning technologies that saw in sci-fi movies. Today, sci-fi came quite true. Access control to the territory of prime residences is no longer limited to the magnetic key that can be lost or stolen. Today, it is a number of parameters processed by computers that allow identifying every specific resident by unique attributes that are only peculiar to himself or herself.

We would specifically highlight car access control systems. In modern prime residences, cars are granted access to the property’s territory by cameras that scan the car’s number plate and brand. A powerful computer maps these parameters to each other and on successful identification the system makes the decision to open the gate or lift the barrier.

4. Video surveillance

Today, video cameras grew so small that they can be placed anywhere and remain unnoticed. Video surveillance systems in prime residences are designed so that there were no blind zones in the area. According to the latest requirements, video cameras must be installed in the below-grade parking, all auxiliary premises, staircases, elevators and elevator halls, etc.

5. Alarm system

Even despite that the prime residence’s territory is guarded to the highest standards, in prime projects each apartment is additionally equipped with an alarm system connected to the security’s control panel. The system turns on infrared motion sensors, sound control microphones, magnetic contact sensors on the entrance door and windows, and the alarm button. Additionally, the security package includes a smoke detector and leak detectors that transmit information to the operator unless the emergency is related to a break-in.

6. Video intercom

Today, a video intercom is not just a device with a small monitor that shows you the face of the person behind your door. Prime residences feature systems that can be connected to actually any camera in the residence’s territory. In this way, residents can assess the situation on their floor or in the staircase, in the territory around the residence or in the below-grade parking without leaving their apartments.

7. Smart House

Smart House integrates all technical and engineering contents of apartments in a prime residential property into a single system that controls microclimate, lighting, power supply, multi media library and many other functions. Smart House can also be integrated with security systems. Among other things, this would allow transmitting the image from video cameras or video intercoms to any TV set installed in apartments.

8. Mobile technologies

Today, people are surrounded by a host of gadgets of all sorts, so it is quite natural that mobile technologies also get integrated into security systems. Today, you can use your internet-connected smartphone or tablet PC to turn on or off a security system in your apartment from anywhere, request information on the system’s status, connect to video cameras and personally make sure that everything is OK with your apartment.

“An apartment in a prime residence is not just housing, but a space where you feel calm and protected,” comments Yekaterina Fonareva. “Besides, this means absolute confidence for safety of your family members. Even if you are away from your home, you will be sure that your children are out on a playground supervised by cutting-edge systems, and no unauthorized persons will break into your apartment.” Prime property differs from other segments in that the customer should not take care of safety on his or her own, as all necessary systems are already designed into the project. For instance, Barkli Residence provides for all the above options. Moreover, its security system can be upgraded to support new technologies as they emerge”.

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