Instalment payment plan for Barkli Residence

Ladies and gentlemen, Barkli Corporation is happy to offer you an instalment payment plan for apartments in Barkli Residence.
The plan is provided for terms ranging from three to six months.

Barkli Residence is the first building of Robert Stern, a legendary US architect, in Moscow (Robert A. M. Stern Architects). This prime residential development comprises 151 thoroughly designed apartments and three penthouses measuring from 43 to 314 square meters.

All apartments are offered “fully finished” in three customized styles specifically designed by the firm for Barkli Residence. The residence features top-of-the-line engineering solutions and will include a 352-place below-grade parking facility.
For more information on the project, purchase terms and installment payment plan call us on +7(495) 933 00 00 or visit our central sales office: .

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