Barkli Corporation presents Barkli Residence to media

On July 16, Barkli Corporation presented journalists with its new project – Barkli Residence. The press breakfast where Barkli’s CEO Andrey Tyasto and Commercial Director Yekaterina Fonareva acted as presenters was attended by 20 representatives of key socio-political and industry-specific media, information agencies and glossy editions.
Barkli’s CEO Andrey Tyasto announced that “Barkli Residence project has now entered the implementation stage. The approval stage has been completed, with the statement of work signed for the project. The sales will be launched today, while construction will start within a few weeks.” The total amount of investment in the project is planned to be around $150m. The cost per square meter, including finishing, will average $11,800.
The architectural concept of the project has been developed by a world renowned firm, Robert A. M. Stern Architects, led by Robert Stern. Barkli’s Commercial Director Yekaterina Fonareva explained the choice of the architect: “Our objective was to engage a company with a strong track record in designing prime residential properties across the globe. We examined around ten firms and settled on RAMSA.”
“Robert Stern is an icon of style in the architectural universe. He has designed hundreds of buildings constructed across the world. Robert A. M. Stern Architects operates in 25 countries and 110 cities and ranks among TOP-35 US architect firms in terms of the number of orders,” says Ms Fonareva.

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