Engineering systems in premium and de luxe residences

Experts of Barkli Corporation decided to find out the engineering content of today’s residential projects in the upscale segment and ran a comparative analysis of engineering equipment in Moscow’s new premium and de luxe property. The experts concluded that both segments feature the same level equipment.

The experts of Barkli Corporation compared six residences, three in each segment: Barkli Park, Barkli Residence and Dolina Setun in the premium segment and Barkli Virgin House, Skuratov House and Knightsbridge Private Рark in the de luxe segment.

The premium and de luxe classification for residential property proposed by Barkli Corporation assumes that engineering systems in newly built property in these segments should include water and air treatment systems, centralized air conditioning, balance ventilation, and a multi-level security system. Recent trends also provide for the installation of a Smart House system. As a rule, this system comes “within the package” in all premium and de luxe residential projects that offer finished apartments. It goes without saying that all engineering systems must be by global majors.

Water supply

OAO Mosvodokanal, the company supplying water to the capital, has been consistently stating that tap water in Moscow is of drinking quality. Independent experts confirm that among all European capitals in Moscow water could be the purest. But the devil is in the details. Samples taken at pumping stations might be compliant with all standards. But in most cases pipes that feed this water to apartments of Muscovites leave much to be desired. As a result, water in the kitchen or bathroom is not that crystal pure. For this reason, a multi-level water treatment system is a must for high-end residential projects. E. g. Barkli Park has in place a water treatment system that removes organic and

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