Styles preferred by buyers in Barkli Residence

Fully finished de luxe and premium apartments represent 25% of the market today. An increasing number of people prefer buying a finished apartment in the primary market rather than wasting their time and nerves on repair. As a rule, developers offer several finish options to suit every taste. However, the statistics on finished apartment sales show that the classical style remains the most popular. For instance, most buyers of apartments in Barkli Residence opted for the classical Confidence style.

As of early March 2014, the Confidence style was chosen by 61% of property buyers in Barkli Residence. The semantics of Confidence particularly appeals to high-end, high-income customers, to accomplished and confident people. The style that demonstrates the reserved dignity of exquisite taste and high profile of the apartment owners suggests a regular calm, comfort-enjoying lifestyle. The interiors employ a warm and quiet color palette and upscale natural materials, such as dark, rich wood that excellently underlines stability and conservatism.

Barkli Corporation’s salesmen note that the high demand for the classical Confidence style apartments is due to the fact that most buyers are aged between 35 and 55 years, with above-average income, and with a family including one or two children. “Most often, for family couples with children an apartment in Barkli Residence measuring between 80 and 100 meters is not the first one,” comments Yekaterina Fonareva, Barkli Corporation’s Commercial Director. “Accordingly, many of them have long finished experimenting with bold design solutions, colors and styles. Today, when choosing a new spacious home, they prefer a quite traditional style to create a cozy home.”

21% of buyers in Barkli Residence prefer the Liberty style finishes. This style brings about an ideal experience for young people who value comfort, freedom and independence and who are open for everything new. Personification is one of the global ideas promoted by the Liberty style in interior design. Everything that surrounds the owner of an apartment in this style carries an imprint of his or her strong identity and uniqueness and resonates with the owner’s thoughts. To make interiors “airy” and “free”, their finishes are made in a simple color palette consisting of warm and light pastel shades. As a result, an unspeakable feeling of lightness will always accompany the owners of such a modern and comfortable apartment. Moreover, the light palette offers an excellent opportunity for apartment owners to express their unique identity through furniture or decorative elements.

“Liberty style apartments are mainly chosen by young buyers of studios measuring from 43 square meters,” says Yekaterina Fonareva. “The predominance of light shades and hues of white that visually expand the space, this style remains harmonious in smaller spaces.”

Finally, around 18% of customers have chosen apartments in the Balance style that combines elements from the classical Confidence and modern Liberty styles. The Balance style is a universal style for those who would not like to decide once-for-all-time in favor of a specific design solution. It is equally open to the traditional and modern content, including for hi-tech furniture and interiors. “This style suits those who like to experiment with unexpected elements in forms and decorations and those who have a versatile and creative personality and who like everything that is unusual and stylish, and those who have not chosen a certain style of interiors yet,” underlines Yekaterina Fonareva. “For this reason, Balance-style apartments are particularly attractive for young people and affluent customers who acquire property for their children.”

Regardless of the style, all apartments in Barkli Residence stand out for their universal layout solutions. The project was designed by one of the world’s best architect firms, Robert A. M. Stern Architects, led by the famous Robert Stern. The great architect’s signature feature is the exquisite elegancy blended with rationality and an enhanced attention to details. As a result, light rooms with regular proportions are readily adaptable to their residents’ needs, whether it is a sleeping room, a children room or a study. The layouts are designed so as to meet the needs of families with or without children and take into account that the requirements of customers may change over long time.

Apartment finishes in Barkli Residence include all preparatory and final finishing with MEP layout. Customers are delivered apartments with final finishes (floor, walls, ceiling, interior doors, in-built lights), an in-built kitchen with plumbing and household appliances, and bathrooms with plumbing equipment. All they have to do for a comfortable living experience is to bring in furniture and decorative elements for their taste. By buying a finished apartment from the developer, the customer saves both time and money. The savings on finishing materials and equipment supplied makes up to 35% of the market price.

“Those of our customers who have experienced the troubles of home improvement in their previous apartments at least once, particularly appreciate that our apartments are offered fully finished,” concludes Yekaterina Fonareva. “In most countries, the sale of turn-key homes is a standard thing. This is true not only for the prime segment, but also for all other price segments. For example, in Western Europe 90% of housing is offered on a turn-key basis, while in some countries, e. g. in the Czech Republic, this is a legal requirement. In Russia, most developers are still unwilling to assume additional obligations and bear time and financial costs at the finishing stage. As a result, most apartments are offered as concrete boxes. However, the percentage of customers willing to buy a finished apartment is rising. Our surveys show that it grew from 30% to 70% over the last six years. Thus, the offer of fully finished upscale homes has already grown into a strong trend in the Russian property market.”

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