A buyer of an apartment in Barkli Residence visits Robert Stern's firm in New York

The winner of a journey to New York and one of the first buyers of apartments in Barkli Residence visits the head office of Robert A. M. Stern Architects.

A gift certificate for a journey to New York was raffled off among friends and customers of Barkli Corporation in the fall of 2013, as part of the visit to Moscow by Robert Stern, the architect of Barkli Residence. At a special dinner, Robert Stern selected at hazard one of ten visiting cards left by guests to choose the winner. The winner, Sergei Panchenko, was one of the first buyers of apartments in Barkli Residence. The gift certificate was handed over to him in the office of Barkli Corporation in April 2014. In May, Sergei and his family visited New York.

Why New York? First, the office of Robert Stern is based in this city. Second, one of the most known projects designed by Stern, 15 Central Park West, was built in New York. Apartments in this building are now among the most expensive in the US.

Sergei and his family visited the architect firm, Robert A. M. Stern Architects, met architects and designers, looked at the atmosphere in the offices where the idea of Barkli Residence was born, went to the building’s roof that gives a spectacular panoramic view of Manhattan.

Actually, the roof of the high-riser that hosts the office of Robert A. M. Stern Architects also accommodates the penthouse of Robert Stern himself. The architect’s apartment is not a luxurious penthouse as Russians understand it, but a tastefully finished attic space of a skyscraper. As Robert Stern noted in an interview, “penthouse” originally meant an auxiliary attic space on the top of a skyscraper that can be used for service purposes. Robert and his colleagues from the firm turned this attic into a huge space with gigantic slide doors leading to the roof’s surface.

When asked “Why did you decide to buy an apartment in Barkli Residence?”, Sergei replied: “We liked a lot the location of the residence. We were thinking of buying a property in Donskoy District and had been waiting for a suitable option for quite a long. And there it was. We made the decision almost instantly as soon as we learned about Barkli Residence. We did not even wait for the presentation and so got to be among the first.

Another aspect that caught my personal attention was that the project was designed by an architect firm, and so renowned at that. The fact that we are buying a finished apartment in Barkli Residence is also an advantage. All the more so that we are offered several styles to choose at a time. Quite funny that we had first chosen a finishing style, the more modern Liberty, but then after visiting the show room and personally opening all doors and drawers (laughing), we changed our mind for the more classical Balance.

Sergei also shared his impressions about meeting the architect himself: “Robert looked rather serious, but friendly. It is quite exciting to meet the architect of your future home, and such a respectable man at that. When we started thinking of the purchase, we studied information on Robert A. M. Stern Architects. The firm turned out to have projects in more than 25 world countries. We were very happy and amazed to learn that Barkli Residence is the first project of this renowned architect in Russia.

Robert A. M. Stern Architects is a major architect firm in the world. In total, RAMSA implemented more than 400 projects across 25 countries and 110 cities of Europe, Asia, and South and North Americas. Robert A. M. Stern Architects is a leader in designing sustainable and energy efficient buildings. RAMSA is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Barkli Corporation thanks Sergei for choosing Barkli Residence!

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